Norwich Surgical Training & Research Academy

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Norwich Surgical Training & Research Academy

NorSTRA is based at the Norfolk and Norwich University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. At NorSTRA we are committed to offering excellent surgical training and research opportunities to support trainees, consultants and allied health professionals.

Surgical training and educational resources

NorSTRA provides surgical education, training and research experience in the various sub-divisions of gastrointestinal surgery as well as thoracic surgery. Our departments have amongst the highest volume of cases within the UK as well as experienced faculty.

Upper Gastrointestinal

Upper gastrointestinal surgery encompasses oesophagogastric as well as hepatobiliary surgery.  Our faculty are highly experienced within teaching and training advanced laparoscopic surgery for these disciplines.



The colorectal department is one of the busiest in the UK and provide a range of laparoscopic procedures for both benign and malignant disease. Our experienced faculty have led on a number of courses for colorectal disease.

Thoracic Surgery

The department of thoracic surgery is a regional centre for the management of benign and malignant thoracic disease. The experienced faculty provide a range of VATS based procedures and host the regional ST cadaveric training programme.