Surgical Care Practitioners

Surgical Care Practitioners (SCP) and Trainee Surgical Care Practitioners (TSCP).

The role of the surgical care practitioner is a relatively new addition to the service within general surgery. At present there is a team of five practitioners covering upper GI, colorectal and emergency surgery.

Dolly SCP – specialises in lower GI and has a specific interest in Robotic surgery. Dolly has extensive theatre experience as a scrub nurse for over seven years prior to her SCP qualification. She also likes to take an active role in research studies both local and national and is currently looking at patient satisfaction from colorectal robotic surgery.

JJ SCP – JJ has recently moved over to general surgery from orthopaedics where she worked as a scrub nurse for many years. Working with the Emergency General Surgeons JJ primarily sees acute cases and works with the surgeons to provide an emergency and semi-elective surgery service. She is currently working on developing an emergency post-operative follow up clinic, seeing those patients who have had emergency laparotomies.

Zheila TSCP – Zheila has worked for the NNUH for over 15 years, working in mainly general surgery over her time as a scrub nurse. She is now working for the Upper GI surgeons who have a service which include benign and oncological surgeries. Zheila is currently undertaking a project to undertake telephone follow up’s for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies.

Libby TSCP – Libby has worked for the NNUH for 11 years and during this time has worked for many specialities but the main focus has been general surgery and thoracics. Now working within the Upper GI team, Libby is keen to develop a nurse led anti-reflux clinic to run alongside a consultant led surgery.

Wanda TSCP – Wanda made the move to the NNUH from Papworth last year to undertake formal SCP training. Wanda had previously worked as an SCP in Papworth providing service within cardiac, transplant and thoracics. Wanda works in colorectal and has an interest in developing the nurse led 2 week wait clinics and research into colorectal/anal surgery. Wanda is also hoping to look into ways to help service improvement through efficiency and cost saving iniciatives.