Foundation surgical teaching

VIRTUAL GENERAL SURGERY and SURGICAL SKILLS TEACHING SERIES is founded by a team of foundation doctors at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in collaboration with NoRSTRA, because the level of surgical teaching, including practical skills, at medical school often leads junior doctors to feel poorly equipped to deal with the demands of surgical rotations.

Whilst certain aspects of surgical specialities are covered at medical school, practicalities and day-to-day issues are rarely touched upon. This teaching series aims to equip medical students and foundation doctors with core surgical knowledge and skills to better prepare them for a more successful rotation during their surgical job.

Interactive teaching sessions in Alan Birt and on MS teams every Wednesday from 12:00-13:00.

Teaching Series Leads:

  • Dr. Ankita Arora -
  • Dr. Aravindh Ramalingham -
  • Dr. Mouhi El-Fellah -
  • Dr. Sumbal Bhatti -
  • Dr. Zaheerah Bholah -
Small Bowel Obstruction

14th October 2021 - By Dr Giulianna Cupello

Nutritional Support for Surgical Patients

15th September 2021 - By Mr Ben Booth

Common Vascular Emergencies

25th August 2021 - By Ms Eleanor Atkins

Diagnosis and Management of Idiopathic Pancreatitis

16th June 2021 - By Ms Ankita Arora

Principles of ATLS

9th June 2021 - By Dr Raashad Hasan

Surgical Induction

26th May 2021 - By Miss Stephanie Holness and Dr Ofuchi Egbuji

Management of Hypoglycaemia

15th May 2021 - By Dr Mouhi El-Fellah

MRCS tips and hints

12th May 2021 - By Dr Melissa Gabriel

Management of Chest Trauma

21st April 2021 - By Dr Mouhi El-Fellah

Surgical management of Neck of Femur Fractures

14th April 2021 - By Dr Mouhi El-Fellah

Hemorrhoidal disease, Perianal abscesses and Fistulas

17th Feb 2021 - By Mr Ravikumar

Emergency general surgery - Obstruction, Appendicitis and Fluid resuscitation

3rd Feb 2021 - By Mr Kumar

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